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Journal articles                                                  
  • Wong-Lin, K., McClean, P.L., McCombe, N., Kaur, D., Sanchez-Bornot, J.M., Gillespie, P., Todd, S., Finn, D.P., Joshi, A., Kane, J., McGuinness, B., 2020. Shaping a data-driven era in dementia care pathway through computational neurology approaches. BMC Med. 18, 398. DOI: 10.1186/s12916-020-01841-1


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  • Joshi, A., Wang, D.H., Watterson, S., McClean, P.L., Behera, C.K., Sharp. T., Wong-Lin, K. Opportunities for multiscale computational modelling of serotonergic drug effects in Alzheimer’s disease. Neuropharmacology, Invited Special Issue: Advances in Serotonin Research: Crossing Scales and Boundaries. Eds.: P. De Deurwaerdere, G. Di Giovanni.

       DOI: 10.1016/j.neuropharm.2020.108118.​


        (Citations: 4, Journal Impact factor: 4.367)

  • Joshi, A., Youssofzadeh, V., Vemana, V., McGinnity, T.M., Prasad, G., and Wong-Lin, "An integrated modelling framework for neural circuits with multiple neuromodulators," Journal of The Royal Society Interface, 14(125), 2017.

       DOI: 10.1098/rsif.2016.0902


       (Citations: 10, Journal Impact factor: 3.579)                                                                   


  • Jalewa, J.*, Joshi, A.*, McGinnity, T.M., Prasad, G., Wong-Lin, K. and Hölscher, C., "Neural circuit interactions between the dorsal raphe nucleus and the lateral hypothalamus: An experimental and computational study," PLoS ONE, 9(2): e88003, 2014. 

       DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0088003


       (Citations: 30, Journal Impact factor: 2.806)

         * Joint first author                                                                  

  • Wong-Lin, K., Joshi, A., Prasad, G., and McGinnity, T.M., “Network properties of a computational model of the dorsal raphe nucleus. Neural Networks”, vol. 32, pp. 15-25, 2012.

       DOI: 10.1016/j.neunet.2012.02.009


       (Citations:19, Journal Impact factor: 5.287)     

  • Joshi, A.*, Todd, S., Finn, D.P., McClean, P.L., Wong-Lin, K.F., Multi-dimensional relationships among dementia, depression and prescribed drugs in England and Wales (in-revision).

       * Corresponding author

  • Behera C.K., Joshi, A., Wang, D.-H., Sharp T., and Wong-Lin, K.F., "Degeneracy and stability in neural circuits of neuromodulators" (submitted).

  • Wong-Lin, K.F., Wang, D.-H., Joshi, A., Multiscale modelling and analytical methods in neuroscience: Molecules, neural circuits, cognition and brain disorders (in preparation).


  • Joshi, A.*, Rhodes, O.*, Rowley, A., Hopkins, M., Sharp, T., Furber, S., and Wong-Lin, K., " Global and local connectivity and neuronal types affect prefrontocortico-raphe circuit dynamics differently" (in preparation). 

         * Joint first author


  • Joshi, A.*, Belle, M.D.C.* and Piggins, H.D., “A systematic approach for analysing multiunit activity and understanding the complex drug effects in in-vitro extracellular electrophysiological recordings” (in preparation). 

         * Joint first author


Book chapters
  • Joshi, A., Belle, M.D.C., Wong-Lin, K. and Piggins, H.D., “Orexin and circadian influences in sleep and psychiatric disorders: a review of experimental and computational modelling studies.” In: Orexins and Sleep: molecular, functional, and clinical aspects, Eds. Sakurai, T., Monti, J.M., and Pandi-Perumal, S.R., Springer International Publishing, pp. 299-322, 2015 (ISBN 978-3-319-23077-1).




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Selected conference proceedings, posters, and abstracts
  • Ezenwe, I., Joshi, A., Wong-Lin, K.F., 2020. Genetic Algorithmic Parameter Optimisation of a Recurrent Spiking Neural Network Model, in: 2020 31st Irish Signals and Systems Conference, ISSC 2020. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.

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  • Joshi, A.*, Rhodes, O.*, Sharp, T., Furber, S., and Wong-Lin, K., "Long- and short-range connectivity and neuronal types affect prefrontal dorsal raphe circuit dynamics differently", Neuromatch 2020 (remote conference). 

         * Joint first author

  • C.K. Behera, A. Joshi, D.-H. Wang, T. Sharp and K. Wong-Lin (2019) Can neuromodulatory neural circuits be degenerate? A theoretical investigation of serotonin-dopamine interaction in conditioning tasks. Subcortical circuitry in reward, motivation, and aversion, nanosymposium, Society for Neuroscience meeting, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 21 Oct, 2019. (oral presentation)


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