Research Associate in Data Science and Computational Neuroscience, Ulster University

"Teaching is the act of sharing the knowledge we've been given by others with the hope that someday, in some way, it again will be passed on." - Kathy Jeffords

In the modern era, students are exposed to new technologies and receive a bulk of information at an earlier age. By the time they reach higher education they already have a sound comprehension of computers and related technologies. This means they have a better understanding of the computing applications in relation to engineering, life, and social sciences. Thus, teaching computing and related interdisciplinary areas is an important but intellectually challenging discipline.

I started my teaching career in the area of computing. I taught both Interdisciplinary and  Core Computer Science to the Undergraduate Engineering students in India. These subjects include Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Compiler Design, Automata Theory and Formal Languages, Discrete Structures, Computer Graphics, Foundation of Information Technology, and Multimedia Systems. I have also taught foundation subjects such as Theory of Computer Science, Computer Based Numerical and Statistical Techniques and Unix to the graduate (Masters) students. Moreover, I served as a Guest Lecturer at the School of Computing and Intelligent Systems, University of Ulster. I delivered a lecture on Programming for Engineering to the Computer Engineering Undergraduate and Artificial Intelligence to the Computing and Intelligent Systems Masters students. Currently, I'm doing casual teaching along with my research role. I'm working as a course coordinator for Programming for Engineering module. My role is to undertake lectures and labs of the Computer Engineering Undergraduate first-year students. Additionally, I’m supervising the final year projects of Computer Engineering Undergraduate students.

These teaching experiences have not only helped me to improve my teaching skills but also have motivated me to pursue a life-long career in teaching and research. Now, I am well-endowed with the knowledge of Computer Science and gained good research experience in the area of Computational Neuroscience and Data Science. I am very keen for a permanent teaching opportunity so that I can meet exciting young minds,  share my knowledge, communicate great ideas and inspire them to define and pursue their career aspirations.

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